Our main services include:

Analysis of damage, loss and cost of repair from insurable events

  • Fire loss evaluation at a luxury house in Holland Park, London
  • Loss and betterment review following fire to an old brewery development site, Wolverhampton
  • Evaluation of loss arising from flood damage to a residential tower block in East London
  • Evaluation of loss following collapse at manufacturing plant in Derby
  • Repair cost analysis and modelling following destruction of a superstore in Redditch

Analysis of loss and expense, final account and daywork claims

  • Subcontractor accounts and factual analysis involving claims of £1m for dayworks
  • NEC Compensation event evaluation arising from underground train station upgrade works
  • Claims for variations, loss and expense from FIDIC contract relating to air cooled condensers

Quantum analysis of defects claims

  • Claims for rebuilding a detached house in Bucks
  • Process plant steelwork defects claims review

Forensic analysis of performance of parties:

  • Expert on QS matters in professional negligence action against a leading QS firm for £7m
  • Quantum analyst in claims against architects for defective cladding and window design

Analysis of complex delay claims

  • Review of delays to £48m cement plant in Rugby
  • Subcontractor claims for delay to completion of a cancer hospital
  • Delays to progress of a residential complex in Cairo
  • Analysis of delay claims arsing from flood channels